From binders to HyperDocs

A professional learning resource presenting ideas, examples and templates to help Ontario's adult literacy educators transition from paper to digital planning and activity development using HyperDocs.

What is a HyperDoc?

A HyperDoc is a teaching and learning tool that helps you organize content and instructional activities, using text, audio, video, images and, of course, hyperlinks. Think of it as an interactive lesson or unit plan. HyperDocs can be developed using Google Docs or Google Slides. You can also use MS Word and PowerPoint Online. The format can be used within a learning management system (LMS) like Google Classroom, Brightspace or Canvas or it can be used on its own. You can also build in adaptations for offline use and printing.

HyperDocs allow you to

Utilize the features of Google Drive, Docs and Slides to organize and share content
Turn paper-based materials into different digital formats
Include videos, images, voice recordings, online activities and more

We developed five HyperDocs to model their use and help you transition from paper to digital planning and activity development. You can use the HyperDocs with colleagues in a workshop, lunch-and-learn session or on your own. If you are planning a professional development session, you are welcome to copy, re-mix, enhance and redistribute the slides or even re-assemble them in another format.

  1. Review copyright with paper and online resources

Learn about copyright issues related to transferring paper-based content to an online format.

1. Copyright considerations

*To do the activities suggested in the HyperDocs you will need to make a copy (it will get saved in your Google Drive).

2. Think about what you are digitizing and why

Learn a few tips and ask yourself some important pedagogical questions before you decide to digitize.

2. Digitize your materials

3. Organize your digitized content using Google Drive

Learn how to easily name, find, organize and share your files using Google Drive.

3. Setting up Google Drive

4. Explore ways to make your activities interactive

Use Google Forms, your own audio recording, online bulletin boards like Padlet and screen recordings.

4. How to make your content interactive