More on HyperDocs

View the following videos to learn more about the use of HyperDocs.

A 10-minute introduction to HyperDocs and their benefits

Tips on making changes to a HyperDoc template

A more comprehensive overview of HyperDocs with Google Slides

Why use HyperDocs?

HyperDocs are a great way to plan and organize your instructional activities

They can serve as a tool to bridge the distance when physical presence in the classroom is limited.

They are adaptable for online and offline use allowing you to repurpose your materials and content.

Their design can be very simple or complex. An instructional email with links is a hyperdoc. Perhaps you have already designed your first one!

Simple designs work for learners and educators learning to use new apps and features together.

More complex designs can be done gradually as you become more comfortable with tools and features within applications.

As you integrate more features, links and apps, remember to keep visual elements clean and simple to ensure readability and accessibility.

HyperDocs support blended learning and can be adapted for online and offline use.

Hyperdocs support the four Cs of blended learning and open up possibilities for

  1. Creativity

  2. Collaboration

  3. Communication using a variety of modalities

  4. Critical thinking and questioning.

HyperDoc templates that you can save, adapt and use!

If you're not convinced that HyperDocs are for you, maybe these templates will help. Yes, that's right, teachers create HyperDocs and share their work freely for anyone to use in any way! The templates are yours to reuse, adapt and share! It's always appreciated if you acknowledge the original developer. Many of the templates were found on the terrific site HyperDocs for Adult Educators.

Note: The first hyperlink will open in a new tab so you can view the template. You will need to make a copy if you want to save and use the template.