HyperDocs for learners

Five great reasons to use HyperDocs with learners!

  1. Integrate digital skill development directly with literacy and numeracy development.

  2. Make your content more interactive with video, images and audio.

  3. Develop one unit or lesson and adapt for in-person, online and remote situations.

  4. Integrate accessibility features, add-ons and applications, like text-to-speech.

  5. Start using some amazing free, high-quality and shareable instructional materials that we've curated for you!

An example HyperDoc for learners

Check out one example of what a HyperDoc for learners could look like. With the primary aim to engage adult learners and their experiences, we developed activities to support integrated digital, literacy and numeracy development. A listing of skills developed across five domains---digital, reading, engagement, writing and science/numeracy---appears at the end.

5. Hyperdoc example for reading and writing

A collection of instructional materials that are free to use

To create the example learner HyperDoc we re-used a short article from one of the resources featured in our collection of free, high-quality and shareable reading texts that we curated for you. Also included in the collection are writing materials, numeracy and mathematics materials, and resources to support you when developing and adapting these and other materials for adult learners.

Resources for Online and Offline Learning (Ver 1.0 Dec 04-20)